Logger Manager

A)Logger Manager Search Tool
  • This software is used to maintain the logger database.
  • One of the best features of logger manager search tool is that it is also linked with SDR App.
  • This tool can search the records with multiple filters so that user can get only that information which is required.
  • In this tool a tag base search option is also available this is so much beneficial for the user to identify his record separately.
  • In this software date and time based delete option is also available so that user can delete his records on the bases of date and time.
B) Logger Manager Print Letters
  • This software is used to print different type of permission letters
  • This software gives a extra facility to user of auto stamp selection which is based on operator, ground or user can also create custom setting for stamp.
  • This software is also support formatting of 10 numbers per letter.
  • The main feature of logger manager to manage the officer’s stamps.
  • Common Numbers in Multiple CDRs
  • Common IMEI in Multiple CDRs
  • Common Location in Multiple CDRs