• Common Callers of a Number
  • Detail of Those Common Callers
  • Common Location of a Number
  • Frequent Locations
  • IMEIs Used by Number
  • First and Last call of Day
  • Location between Specific Period
  • Plotting Call Location on Google Maps
  • Foreign Calls
  • Maximum & Minimum Location
  • Most Dialed & Received.
  • Graphical Relation between Multiple Numbers.
  • Link Analysis
  • Common Callers Multiple Numbers
  • Internal Calls of Multiple Numbers
  • Common Numbers in Multiple CDRs
  • Common IMEI in Multiple CDRs
  • Common Location in Multiple CDRs
  • Target Number of IMEI
  • Period of using Target Numbers in IMEI
  • Common Callers of Target Number in IMEI
  • Common other Party and Locations of IMEI

  • Relation of Calls between Different Towers
  • Link Analysis
  • Calls Under Tower
  • Number Common in Different Towers
  • IMEI Common in Different Towers
  • Other Party Common in Different Towers
  • Searching Multiple Number in Tower
  • Create Tower Groups on Location or Time Basis for Analysis
  • Finding out Common Number, Comer Other Party, Common IMEI in Groups of Towers or in Towers as well
  • Finding Relation between Different Tower Groups
  • Day wise Analysis of Tower
  • Half day wise Analysis of Towers
  • Tower Analysis on Time Basis
  • Numbers with Different IMEI
  • IMEI with Different Numbers
  • New Caller at Particular Time Slot

  • Search Single Number of Multiple Numbers in Whole Database
  • Search for Cell Ids
  • Search Based on Addresses of Cell Id
  • Get Cell Id Addresses Directly in your Reports
  • Get Level Code of Mobile Numbers Directly in your Reports
  • Cell Track find out Exact Tower Location with help of Google Maps, which avoids your Cell Tracking by going to Spot
  • (a)64 BIT
    (b)86 BIT

CDR Analysis

Sr. Features Description
1. General Software shall be capable of call records investigation, analyze call records and get various type of customized reports
as required by police department in less time.
2. Various File
Formats CDR
Software should be able to upload different CDRs like Target No. CDR, IMEI CDR, International Gateway CDR, Tower
CDR etc. from Excel, Txt, CSV, and HTML format and all other common formats. Software shall be able to define,
modify and update import formats for data across telecom service providers.
3. Cell Id’s database Automatic detection of Cell Id’s
Maintain entire Cell ID of all circles and providers for 2G, 3G, 4G etc.
Keep updating database every Monthly.
4. CDR/SDR/Cell
IDs/ISD Calls
Data Importing
Software to ensure the automated acquisition and processes individual files or it should be done in batch mode and Parallel.
Auto Selection Circle and Network while import.
Auto Detect Roaming Circle Management.
5. Data Export Software should be capable to export with different formats like Excel, PDF, Word, HTML, CSV, Text etc.
Direct Printable Reports with Header-Footer.
Backup Particular Investigation from 1 System to Restore into another.
6. Comprehensive
Comprehensive search should be provided on thousands of calls without manually typing the rules on multiple criteria’s like
Time period, Date/time, Target number, Case name, SMS, IMEI,IMSI, Duration, Call Type , Call Direction etc. After Search,
Result file treated as separate file and all functionality shall work on search file.
7. Filter Features Software shall be capable of
Filter over Filter
Customizable inbuilt filters
Create and manage filter files Delete all filter files on single click
8. Social Network
The system should also be able to search in social
networking sites like Google, Facebook, True Caller, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc.
9. CDR Analysis Software shall have following features:
Frequency Analysis Software shall be capable to perform frequency analysis on atleast following parameters:
Target numbers
Pattern Analysis Software shall be capable to perform pattern analysis
on atleast following parameters:
Single Number
Multiple Numbers
Multiple IMEI’s
Tower groups
Split Analysis
Link Analysis
Timeline summary Analysis
Call Details
Maximum Circle Calls with Total Call-In, Total Call-Out, Total Sms-In, Total Sms- Out and Roaming Call Details.
Daily First and Last Calls Details with Cell-ID Address.
Daily First and Last Location with Call Time and Cell-ID Address.
Ability to filter out the calls only from those areas which are marked on the map.
Time based search, should be able to identify the day and night calls.
Calls summary based on the calls wherein three or more persons are communicating on a single call.
Identification of selected person’s geographical reach based on the calls made or received by him.
Graphical representation of statistical data using 2d and 3d pie charts, bar graph, etc.
All the query result should be displayed in a Data Grid. Users should be able to group data
by dragging a column header and dropping it in the group area above the grid Users should be able to rearrange the grouping headers in the group area
(again by dragging and dropping). Data Grid should also allow Users to filter data by applying filter patterns or their
own filter criteria, hiding the records that do not match the filter thus accessing only the data they need in an Excel-like fashion.
CDR can be analysed on following parameters:
Identifying common callers with details
Identifying common locations
Identifying frequent locations
Identifying IMEI’s and IMSI’s used
Identifying usage of each handset used by a number
Plotting route/call locations on google maps
Identifying moving call of a number
Roaming summary of a number
IMEI Analysis
IMEIs used by multiple numbers
Multiple IMEI Analysis
Numbers used by multiple IMEI’s
Bulk/Dump/Tower Data Analysis
Single Tower Data Analysis
The Cell Nos.
which have maximum calls/
minimum calls
Picking up of desired CDRs from Tower data base for further analysis
Common Nos. (called/ calling) among the cell
Nos. present under the Tower
Calls made and received during a particular period of time
Multiple Tower Data Analysis
Common Nos. among the Tower and their CDRs
Compare the Tower and find out the new Nos. present and their CDRs and also during a particular period of time
10. Features Junk Numbers:
Ability to mark junk numbers in the list so that they are not used for future analysis
International Call Analysis:
The system should be able to integrate with International Calls, filter all ISD Calls,
Data source and should be capable of analyzing the same
New Number Analysis:
New Number Analysis to find out the probable new numbers utilized by the suspect
Conference call Analysis:
Call Report/ summary based on the calls wherein three or more people are connected together.
Offender List:
Software alerts and flashes the IMEI/ Phone Number if an offender number is present in the
CDR that is currently imported. If any proclaimed offender is present in the CDR, immediately,
the Investigation Officer should know about it. Common Number:
Common numbers among
the selected group of data (be it CDRs or Tower Data)
can be find out to access the possible relation among the persons involved.
Ability to search in old projects.
Night Calls:Time based search which identifies calls on the basis of time i.e., day and night useful to find out the hideouts/
residential areas of the callers and also the probable working place Custom Reports
Utility Excel splitter for split individual CDR from multiple CDR excel file
Utility Excel and text file column splitter for split individual CDR from multiple CDR single excel sheet.
Utility to search nearest tower list via no. of tower and distance and area selection.
Search records in multiple CDR’s and merge
Connectivity between each other in multiple CDR
Merge multiple CDR in to single CDR
Any custom report required by police department
11. SDR System should be able to integrate with Subscriber
Dump and the required SDR should be displayed on screen during wherever it is needed.
Mobile/Subscriber Data Uploading, Searching Facility.
Keep updating database every Quarter.
12. Group Call Analysis Discover Tower Groups with A Party + B Party and only A party under tower.
Search Number in Generated Groups.
Filtration via Date/Time, Call Type, Circle- Network.
Group Call Details, Group Call Frequency Details
Graphical Analysis of Group Calls Via Interconnected Graphs.
Group Call Under Tower Node Highlight.
Convert Complete Group as Separate CDR.
13. Android App for
CDR Analysis
The android app shall have following features:
Project Create, Open and Save Facility.
Add Sheet with Auto Detection Of Network and Circle.
App shall have following basic reports as follows:
Corrected Sheet for showing subscriber, tower, handset, operator, international call details with proper call type detection.
Maximum Called Numbers with Circle Name
& Operator, First Call, Last Call, Total Call-In, Total Call-Out, Total Sms-In, Total Sms-Out and Roaming Call Details.
Maximum Circle Calls with Total Call-In, Total Call-Out, Total Sms-In, Total Sms-Out and Roaming Call Details.
Daily First and Last Calls Details with Cell-ID Address.
Maximum Call Duration with Circle Name & Operator, First Call, Last Call, Total Call-In,
Total Call-Out, Total Sms-In, Total Sms-Out and Roaming Call Details.
Maximum IMEI with Total Calls Details.
Daily IMEI Tracking with First Call Cell-ID Address.
Maximum Called Location with Circle Name
& Operator, First Call, Last Call, Total Call-In, Total Call-Out,
Total Sms-In, Total Sms-Out and Roaming Call Details.
Daily First and Last Location with Call Time and Cell-ID Address.
Separate Details For Roaming Calls.
Separate Details For International Calls.
Common Numbers, Locations, IMEI
Search Facility via Mobile Number, IMEI, Cell- ID, Time Duration, Date.
14. Utility Android App The following utility shall be available in the android app:
Subscriber Information Search
True Caller Search
Facebook Search
Tower Information
þ MSC Code Search MCC-MNC Code Search
STD Code Search
ISD Code Search
PIN Code Search
IMEI Search
Domain Information
Call Logs
SMS Code Search
RTO Information
Vehicle Information
ALL India Voter ID Search
IP Address Search
Aadhaar Card Information
D/L Information
Landline Information
PAN Card Search
Telemarketing Code Search
Highway Toll Information
Tower Data Download
Police Contact Search
Port Inquiry
Caller ID
15. License Perpetual License to be provided
16. Localization and
The OEM is required to study the requirement with
Police Department and customise the software product to suit their requirements.
17. Office in Rajasthan OEM shall have technical support office in Rajasthan.
18. Warranty/Technical
5 Years Comprehensive onsite OEM Warranty with
necessary updates, upgrades and patches